Small Business Owners

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and learn about the valuable advantages they explain. My business is helping people save, grow and protect their money. If you would like to learn more or ask specific questions please let me know by contacting me today.

Buy/Sell Funding


In any business with at least 2 owners under the age of 50, there's almost a 70% probability that one of them will die or become disabled before they retire. If one of your business partners dies or becomes disabled they are still entitled to the same share of your companies. Where will you get the money to buy them out. Watch this video to learn more about how to avoid a potentially catastrophic situation for your business. 

Key Person


More than 2 million employees between the ages of 25 and 55 die every year and more than 2 million others are permanently disabled. What if your business loses one of the key people most responsible for it's competitive advantage? The effects on the business can be costly and disruptive. Watch this video to learn how Key Person insurance can protect your business from losing one its most important assets. 

412(e)3 Pension Plan


According to the Gallup Small Business Index, 6 out of 10 small business owners intend to delay retirement because they haven't been able to save enough money or because stock market or real estate losses will significantly depreciated the value of investments they were depending on for retirement. Watch this video to learn how a 412e3 Pension can help.

Business Equity Transfer


When it comes time for us to retire and we sell our business or practice, every dollar we get over our capital investment will be taxable. And whatever income we generate from the net proceeds will also be taxable. But if your business or practice is incorporated there's an opportunity to transfer the equity of your business into your own personal retirement account without taxation on the transfer, growth of your money, or the income when you retire. Watch this video to learn more. 

Partial Self Funding


Despite the best intentions of the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare costs for all employers will continue to increase and will likely increase faster than before the federal law. How can you take advantage of a relatively healthy workforce and avoid subsidizing the cost of healthcare for everyone else? With a partially self-funded healthcare benefit plan. Watch this video to learn how it works. 

Voluntary Benefits


According to FEMA, 2 in 5 business owners never re-open their doors again after a fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or some other disaster that damages or destroys their buildings equipment or machinery. They fail because they no longer have the cash flow necessary to cover ongoing business expenses and financial obligations. Watch this video to learn how you can protect yourself with business disruption coverage.

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