Our Company Values

Since 1987, I have built the Pam Group with particular expertise in various trust planning concepts, advanced life insurance strategies, and annuity programs which offer custom options for the growth, security, access and control of our clients’ income no matter how long they live.

I have provided counsel and education to thousands of seniors on how to preserve their assets.  The strategies I developed have shown clients how to increase their retirement income and reduce their taxes so that they keep more of what they have earned. My experience in this business confirms that all of these areas are vital to a good retirement and income plan.

Hy Stokes

President, Hy Stokes Financial

Each morning I look forward to helping friends and clients become better off, both financially and personally. I chose this business because my work can really make a tangible difference in my clients’ well-being. As we work together, my clients become like family to me. I am always available (and I do return calls!) to answer questions or just discuss whatever is top of mind. It gives me great gratification to see the peace of mind my clients enjoy when their retirement plan is in order, by ensuring that they do not outlive their assets or lose them to a catastrophe.

I would like the opportunity to do the same for you.

Jennifer C. Surmacz, P.C.

Attorney & Counselor at LawJennifer was born into a military family and moved all around the country before settling in Oklahoma. After graduating from Mustang High School as Valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar, Jennifer attended the University of Oklahoma where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Minor of Arts in Sociology. ​ Jennifer earned her Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University School of Law and began practicing law in Oklahoma City as a general practice attorney. She then moved to Missouri and has been practicing Estate Planning in the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

Jennifer is currently licensed to practice law in Missouri and Oklahoma, and is eligible to practice in all 21 Uniform Bar Exam states. Jennifer has experience in Estate Planning, Probate, Contracts, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Federal Civil Litigation. In addition to her Estate Planning practice, Jennifer also serves as a Special Public Defender for Juveniles in St. Louis and St. Charles counties.  

Jennifer served terms as 10th Circuit Lieutenant Governor of the American Bar Association LSD, and Vice President of Women’s Law Student Association. She is also a member of the American Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, the Oklahoma Association of Justice, the National Association of Professional Women, and Lawyers Fighting Hunger. Jennifer is also a black belt and national champion in Tae Kwon Do. 

Ciara E. Lister, Esq.

As a network attorney for eStatePlan™ Ciara Lister believes in three key pillars: planning, preparation, and prevention.

A full-scholarship graduate of Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla., Ciara (pronounced Sea-air-uh) began her law career as a Commercial Insurance Litigator in Boca Raton.

She began seeing clients and her close friends struggle with the negative effects of probate proceedings, from dwindling inheritances to families destroyed by battles over money. This motivated her to change her focus to Estate Planning so she could help people avoid these issues before it was too late, rather than perform legal triage when the damage to families and their legacies had already been done.

“I want to offer clients the solutions they need. Many people don’t even realize how much they need Estate Planning,” Ciara says. “What we offer is very different from attorneys who may set up trusts or handle wills. eStatePlan™ manages the entire process so there are no surprises when people are grieving and unsure of what happens next.”

An animal lover, Ciara helps raise funds to cover medical bills for dogs in animal shelters. Her new rescue dog, Angie, is her faithful companion.

Stacey Pearson

Universal Guardian Trust ​​

Did you know that: 

  •  1 in 68 children are being diagnosed with Autism.
  • At the current rate, by 2025 HALF of our children will be diagnosed with Autism.
  • 3 million grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

The need to properly care for family members with disabilities, while you are here and once you are gone, is what drove Stacy Pearson to found Universal Guardian Trust. UGT helps families put the proper documentation in place to ensure their special-needs relatives get the loving care they deserve. “But isn’t that what a will is for?”, you may ask.

As Stacy warns, “The only thing worse than dying without a will is dying with one because it means you took the steps to put the right tool in place, but may not have realized what would actually happen. Simply-stated, dying with a will, (or without one), means your assets like bank accounts, houses or businesses will be frozen until Probate Court processes your estate. That can take up to 3 years in many states and a percentage of your children’s inheritance will be reduced to pay for it.”

Stacy adds, “Worst of all, while your assets are tied up in probate, the court scrutinizes the custody of your children too. These days you can’t just state who you want to care for your kids because the court will have to go through an approval process first. Many parents raising children with challenges, are surprised to learn that the courts take special interest in children with special needs. They often scrutinize and exercise an opinion about who might be best to care for these children regardless of whether parents’ wishes were stated in a will. Imagine your child without you – now imagine your child with strangers. It’s horrifying yet it happens daily.”

Working with Stacy through the PAM Group, families are able to ensure that their wishes are what’s carried out so their loved one gets to live their best life possible.

Trust Bank Solutions

PAM Group has a strategic relationship with TrustBank, a resource that gives our clients the benefits of 100 years of expertise in the financial industry. By partnering with TrustBank they need to create a financial life well lived.

The team of highly trained financial professionals at TrustBank assists our clients in developing a fully integrated Wealth Strategy plan and providing them with insightful financial expertise and resources for Legacy Building.

TrustBank is a strong, safe, secure and stable financial institution that has been in business for more than 100 years. Their financials are strong and customers’ deposits are safe and insured by the FDIC. With locations in Illinois and Arizona, TrustBank has achieved a 5-Star Superior rating from BauerFinancial, a respected, independent bank rating company.

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