Private Practice Individuals

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and learn about the valuable advantages they explain. My business is helping people save, grow and protect their money. If you would like to learn more or ask specific questions please let me know by contacting me today.

412(e) Pension Plan


According to the Gallup Small Business Index, 6 out of 10 small business owners intend to delay retirement because they haven't been able to save enough money or because stock market or real estate losses will significantly depreciated the value of investments they were depending on for retirement. Watch this video to learn how a 412e3 Pension can help. 

Professional DI


As highly educated trained and skilled professionals we have much more at risk than most other occupations. The substantial investment made in time and money in the education, training and experience as well as the office systems and staffing that enable us to earn much higher compensation than other occupations. But when a serious illness or accidental injury prevents us from earning our income we lose the return on this investment. Watch this video to learn more about how to protect your professional investment. 

Business Overhead Expense


As small business owners or private practice individuals we are responsible for the monthly expenses to keep our offices open. But if we experience a serious illness or injury and we cannot return to work for several months will our partners or employees be able to keep up without us? We may be forced to close the business. Watch this video to learn an easy way to avoid a catastrophic situation like this.

Lifetime Tax Strategy


Most of us think that we're already doing all we can to minimize our taxes and ethically take advantage of the tax code to pay no more than we need to. But the US tax code is very complex and taking advantage of the long-term implications between deductions, deferrals, and exemptions is difficult. Failing to do so over 20 years can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Watch this video to find out how to be sure you're taking maximum advantage of what the tax code allows. 

IUL Cash Reserve


Those of us who have accumulated substantial wealth will often protect our capital assets from tax liabilities, market devaluations and liquidity demands by funding a cash reserve asset that is guaranteed to grow without taxation or investment risk. Watch this video to learn more about a cash-reserve asset that allows us to access our money tax-free whenever we need cash. 

Private Equity Banking


Whenever we purchase anything with a credit card or borrow money to buy something we pay more in interest to the bank than we earn on our own savings or investments. So we pay more money to borrow money than we make saving money. So what can we do? Become our own bankers and profit from our own borrowing. Watch this video to learn how. 

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